1965 in the California Desert

    David Pacifico


First of all, here's a very big welcome to you here at my website and to some of my music and songs composed since the 1960's. All were recorded in small homespun studios with modest recording gear. While they are not "live" recordings, in many ways they are just that because the first takes were usually the final takes. And I'm simply too lazy to polish them up and possibly overproduce them and therein suck the life out of the songs. They are what they are.

And while my voice is certainly shot from way too much of the herb when I was young, the songs are good ones and I hope you enjoy them. Thanks for dropping by and please leave me a word at my e-mail address below if you can.  --- David, February 2009


This Is The Song

The Big Sur

You Don't Know A Thing

The Old Neighborhood

How They Do It Out in Hollywood

My, My, My

Jack London

We Would Make Love

2012: The Song

The Gospel of Billy

I Don't Think So

It's A New Morning

There's A Rainbow

The Waverly

No More False Signals

Just for Lupe

Spider and the Fly

Always With You

A Kind Lady

Lost in Texas

On The Railroad

All The Good Things

Don't Be Long

Coming Back Home

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