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Photo Taken by My Dad in 1965

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"I've been listening to your songs all afternoon.  I can't say which I like the best, although 'Gospel of Billy' is near the top of the list. I'm impressed that you are the entire band!!
" --- George from Palm Springs, California

"David, I am in awe of your songs on the web. My top three still are and remain the following: 'The Waverly', 'I'm Coming Home' and 'There's A Rainbow.' Hear me again!   But, I got to tell you that 'The Gospel of Billy' (which hasn't had my attention the other three have received over these passed years) is now knocking at the door.  I like 'The Big Sur' and 'This is the Song'.  Hell, I like them all.  Send me a disk!  I am proud that you are my Brother, but mostly I just plain ole love ya". --- Clyde (David's Brother) from Caney Creek, Texas

"It's Sunday afternoon and I'm sitting here with a smile on my face and tears in my eyes. I've finally been able to take the time to sit and enjoy the music from your new website. Oh David, your songs are so expressive and heart-warming. But, I have to tell you dear friend, Phil and I are claiming 'Always With You' as ours. The words and the melody are so beautiful. You have a wonderful ability to make a person feel that you are singing your song just for him (or her). You have just taken us on an emotional trip back over the past thirty years and we thank you for that." --- Bill and Phil from Claremont, California

"We really like your music, such an inspiration and a refreshing surprise." --- Louie and Sam from Oakland, California

"Thanks for putting your songs up. '2012' is too cool!" --- Ralph from Glendale, California

"Your songs are great and so is your voice! Very impressive." --- Glen, Richard & Leona from Rancho Cucamonga, California


"As a guitarist, I really enjoyed the guitar sound. Your voice matches great with the instruments and the musical arrangements let you enjoy the story. My favorites? 'The Big Sur' and 'Lost in Texas'"  --- Dave H. from Key Largo, Florida

"I love all your songs, but 'The Big Sur' really blew me away. Rosie loves 'There's A Rainbow'. --- Pablo & Rosie from Cincinnati, Ohio.

"I just want to go up the Coast to "The Big Sur" now. I love that song. Great website, too, David!" --- Lisa from Oxnard, California

"Loved the video of '2012', especially the electric lead. Nice 'Waverly' and 'Lost in Texas' lyrics! Kudos!" --- Mark in Simi Valley, California

"Loved the '2012' song.  I thought it was very good. Nice editing on the images and it gets the message across." -- Levie from Los Angeles, California

"Great music, David! Your song 'All The Good Things' is so very moving and puts life in its proper perspective. I'm so happy that you are back composing, playing music and singing with that deep, rough and lovable voice of yours. I feel like you are right here again. Lots of affection. I want to buy your CD. Please let me know when I can. Lots of love." Debra from San Francisco, California.

"'Lost in Texas' kicks ass! 'My, My, My' is sweet. Loved the harmonica." --- Gregorio from Atlanta, Georgia.

"My mom really liked 'A Kind Lady' on Mother's Day. David, you are so talented. Thanks for your website." ---Phillip in Chicago, Illinois.

"Your '2012: The Song' is simply a fabulous music video. Thought provoking. I love it. I'm a huge fan. Craig and I watched your music video and got the chills.  Really very nice.  We love the song a lot.  It's so weird hearing music and knowing the person behind the fabulous voice." --- Sally G. & Craig from Huntington Beach, California

"Finally! After all these years of cajoling, asking you to just send me a CD of your songs, you're putting them up on the internet. Your songs and your voice just take me back to when I lived in California. I'll always prefer hearing you sing live, but your songs have that vibe anyway. I listened to 'This Is The Song' over and over at work today. I love it. So positive!" --- Luke from Chicago, Illinois.

"Wonderful music and lyrics." --- Sergio from Highland, California.

"'Lost in Texas" and 'The Old Neighborhood' kept running through my mind over and over. Are more forthcoming? Hope so." --- Mary Helen from Corpus Christi, Texas.

"Good God, David! It took you all these years to eventually get around to sharing some of your songs. I can still remember you playing your Martin and singing "The Gospel of Billy" when you lived in Hollywood, near City College in the 1970's. That song blew me away then and still does today. Old friend, please, please do get a CD out now!" --- Cosmos from Santa Monica, California.

"David! We love your songs and are crazy about your voice. Why didn't you do this sooner? Maybe you should go back to 'the herb' again because your vocals are just outstanding. And thanks for letting us hear an early cut of 'We Would Make Love'. We love it! It's a beautiful composition."  --- Carolyn and Terry from Santa Cruz, California

"Thanks for sharing your website.  Just visited and enjoyed 'The Old Neighborhood'. Also, we enjoyed your YouTube '2012' piece last night.  Really lovely." --- James from Lincoln Park in Pomona, California 

"OMG! 'The Waverly' should be the storyline to a movie. And please keep posting your songs, David. --- Heather from San Diego, California.

"Hearing 'I'm Coming Back Home' these days makes me think of our troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan and how they, too, want to come back home.  This is one of my all time favorites of your many inspirational songs." --- Carlos from Claremont, California.

"Thanks for the link to your music, its absolutely wonderful! I'm so impressed."  --- Susie McCoy from Corpus Christi, Texas.

"Cool web site, Uncle David."  --- James from Sugar Land, Texas.

"'The Old Neighborhood' was like an arrow to my heart making me remember my first sweetheart." --- George from Portland, Oregon.

"I love 'Lost in Texas' and 'Coming Back Home'. Very catchy melodies with great hooks." --- Miguel from San Francisco, California



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